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    s nagavarapu
    Remit to name different from supplier name
    Topic posted May 3, 2018 by s nagavarapuRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Financials, Payables 
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    Remit to name different from supplier name
    One of our clients is in the Insurance industry. As part of their business they need to cut checks in different names. How to achieve this?


    Our client is in the insurance industry.  As part of their business process and depending on the claim, they may need to cut checks to two or more parties. So you have some times “insured AND their body shop” or “Claimant AND their lawyer”   or two owners of the same house.  The mailing address will only one and it may or may not be the one that is there is the policy.

    There may be many relationships like below:

    Homeowners insured – Johney Jones and Katy Jones
                    Check made out to Johney Jones (1st listed) and the contractor Tyson
    Tyson the contractor also does work for Sam on a separate policy
                    Check made out to Sam and the same contractor Tyson
    Sam has an auto policy and an auto claim.  He and his body shop ABC Auto Body gets a claim payment for auto damage repair
    Mary uses the same body shop so for her claim she gets a check for her auto claim to Mary and ABC Auto Body.
    Since Sam was rearended in the accident, he has a lawyer JG Wells.  So when we pay for his injuries, the check is made out to Sam AND JG Wells. Of Course JG Wells is the attorney for other claimants also.  Like this there are number of scenarios.

    Currently all the claim processing is happening in their legacy system.  But they want  to integrate that system with Oracle Fusion AP and make payments from AP.  So when we are integrating the claims system with Oracle Fusion Cloud AP:

    1) How do we need to create suppliers?  Do we need to create each combination as a separate supplier or site?

    2) When invoices are created, how do we cut checks with different names?

    3) We may also need handle payments to mobile numbers or email ids on a case to case basis

    Has anyone experience with similar situations? Any pointers on how to handle such situations?







    • Becky Alvarez

      Have you considered using One Time Payee Payments for some of these unique payment situations.  If these are onetime payments and you don't need to create suppliers and invoices, then you can create payees pretty much however you would like.  The feature was created to support payment of claims.

    • s nagavarapu

      Thank for your response.  Is this feature in R13? Is it available in R12 too?  We are currently on Release 12.

    • Becky Alvarez

      If you followed the link I provided above by clicking on the feature name you will see it is for R13.  It is not part of R12 but hopefully you are planning your upgrade soon.