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    Lorna Rickett
    Integrate analytics
    Topic posted April 30, 2019 by Lorna RickettSilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, tagged Analytics, Bots 
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    Integrate analytics
    Google Analytics integration

    Can I integrate Google Analytics to the DA? I'd like to see what pages people use it from, where they go etc



    • Grant Ronald

      Hi Lorna, there is not necessarily the concept of a "page" in ODA - plus you might be accessing your bot through many different channels - e.g. Facebook, Web , iOS, Slack etc.

      We infact have our own insights in ODA which does exactly what you require

    • Lorna Rickett

      I should have explained - we use the web channel and show the bot on a few different pages on our site. So what I wanted to see was where his presence was more successful... we see a really high incomplete rate which I don't fully understand and would like more details on. I was hoping to see (for example) if those incompletes ended in a contact to us through another means.

    • Grant Ronald

      Once someone has found the bot on your webpage then the ODA insight can  give you an understanding how how people progressed WITHIN the bot.  If you are looking to see whether someone actually finds the bot then you could use Google Analytics, but that then has nothing really to do with ODA - its the pages of your website.



    • Ameur Baccoucha

      Hi ,

      What i think here you should use the google analytics within your site note the ODA.

      every time someone click the icon of the chatbot in your website the analytics record in wich page he was.