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    Eric S
    Incident.Org_ID not available in Incident Rules
    Topic posted May 14, 2015 by Eric SSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points 
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    Incident.Org_ID not available in Incident Rules

    I want to create a rule that looks at the Incident.Org_ID and if that field is not populated, then I want to be able to pull the Org_ID from the Contact record and populated it on the Incident. 

    I have already made the Org ID required for new incidents created via the Agent Desktop, but we also have Incidents created through the Portal and the API, and I am trying to not have to do custom dev work to add in this requirement. 

    If this needs to be a Custom Process, does anyone have code they can share that would do this? 


    November 2014



    • Anuj Behl

      Hi Eric,

      As far as I remember, RightNow automatically picks up org_id from Incident's Primary Contact and adds it to Incident's org_id field. Is this not happening for you?


    • Eric S

      This does work most of the time when the Incident is created by our call center, but when it is created through the API or though Data Import, it is not always populated.

      It seems like it should be a pretty quick rule to build, but I am thinking it might need to be custom code rather than a business rule.


    • Darsen Prasad

      Anuj / Eric -

      I am also having the same issue, incidents created via API is not populating incident.org_id, even though it has a contact with organization.

      - Darz

    • Darsen Prasad

      Please let me know, if some got a workaround for this issue.


    • Eric S
      I am working on a solution with a third-party developer to have a custom process built that will automatically assign this if it is not assigned when the Incident is saved. Once I have a solution, I will see if I can post the code here.
      I think the problem is with the way that we implemented the creation of a record through the API.