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    Pavol Procka
    How to report on Historic Queue stats.?
    Topic posted December 15, 2017 by Pavol ProckaSilver Crown: 22,500+ Points, last edited December 15, 2017 
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    How to report on Historic Queue stats.?

    I have a report that shows the number of open incidents in all queues (attached). I would like to get the same report to show me the same data but at a specific time and date, e.g. at 14:00 yesterday.

    Any pointers on how I can go about this?



    • Luuk

      Hello Pavol,

      There are some out-of-the-box reports that do something like that. You'll probably want to use the transactions table to figure out what the status of an incident was at an earlier date or time.
      Take a look at the "logging" tab in a default workspace. There's some historic data being stored there that you can use.


    • Pavol Procka

      Hi Luuk,

      could you maybe point me to one of the out-of-the-box reports (ID) that has this field?

      Many thanks


    • Suresh Thirukoti

      I would suggest Queue Transitions (ID: 173) under \Public Reports\Service\Queue Reports