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    Mohamed Hossam
    Action links in mail (RighNow)
    Topic posted June 19, 2019 by Mohamed HossamBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
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    Action links in mail (RighNow)
    About RighNow Product (Need external actions in managing incidents)

    Hi dears, 

    I wanted to ask if I can include a link in sent mail to users that can do an action on incidents (ex: Incident status change)

    If it`s available, Can you explain how to do like this by steps?


    Thank You.. :)




    • Gursimran Singh Saini

      Out of the box, you should use Message Templates (Contact Emails -> Incident) to add Customer Portal Incident Link in all Incident Message Templates.

      However, if you want a customization like: Click here to mark this Incident Solved
      You can add a Hyperlink to a Custom Script, passing the Incident ID Merge Field as a GET URL parameter.
      In the Custom Script, use Connect PHP API to change Incident status to Solved.