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    Ravi Kanth Vuddagiri
    Significance of Conversion for Accounting in Order > Edit...
    Topic posted September 16, 2019 by Ravi Kanth VuddagiriBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, tagged Order Management, SCM, Supply Chain Financial Orchestration, Supply Chain Orchestration 
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    Significance of Conversion for Accounting in Order > Edit Currency Details
    What all places does the details selected in Conversion for Accounting impact ?

    Navigation : Create Order > Actions > Edit Currency Details > Conversion of Accounting

    We would like to know more about selecting or not selecting details in conversion of accounting section on orders page. Screenshot is attached for reference.

    On the same lines what will be the Conversion rate/date that will be used on AR Invoice created after Shipping of sales order line ?

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    • Venkatesh Malapati

      The conversion type, rate & date entered on the order are passed to AR during invoicing if the transaction order currency is different.

    • Ravi Kanth Vuddagiri

      Venkatesh - If no details are passed from Order > Actions > Edit Currency Details > Conversion of Accounting, what and from where does AR take these details.

    • Venkatesh Malapati

      Please refer to the support note on How To Set a Default Conversion Rate Type for Fusion Receivables (Doc ID 1591793.1).