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    Mohammed Azhar
    How to process Invoice & match with PO?
    Topic posted November 26, 2017 by Mohammed AzharRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Agreements, How-To, Orders, Setup 
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    How to process Invoice & match with PO?

    We have a contract with Supplier XYZ. Supplier is a broking company who is going to search best insurance policy for our Company. For this we'll pay broking charges which is fixed amount while Insurance policy amount is not fixed in the contract. 

    Now, we are going to receive the insurance policy amount invoice from this supplier. 

    Please let us know how to process this scenario in procurement/purchasing cloud module (should we need to enter BPA or CPA or new PO?) 

    Supplier >> XYZ 
    Amount for broking charges (Fixed amount) >> 10000 KWD ---PO Created
    Insurance policy amount (Not Fixed amount) >> Not Fixed 
    Policy Duration>> 4 Years 



    • Ivan Pena

      Hi Mohamed,

      BPA/CPA is not required (although you could create a BPA to capture the negotiated price for the brokerage charges.) You can create a PO with an estimated price of the insurance, and then adjust the PO once you get the invoice with the actual price, so that the invoice does not go on hold.