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    Pavan Kulkarni
    Documentation on Customer Master Update ERP Services.
    Topic posted August 16, 2019 by Pavan Kulkarni, last edited August 16, 2019 
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    Documentation on Customer Master Update ERP Services.
    Mapping for updateCustomerAccount and updateCustomerProfile.

    Hello , 

    We have a requirement to be able to update most of the details of the customer master data through an OIC Orchestration. 

    I am using the in built ERP adapter to update the existing customer master data. The services and the operation that I use are as below 

    1) Service -> CustomerAccountService , operation -> updateCustomerAccount and 

    2) Service -> CustomerProfileService , operation -> updateCustomerProfile. 

    I want to ascertain the mapping that each field corresponds to in the SaaS application for Customer master. for e.g I realized that if I pass something in the "Account Name" using "updateCustomerAccount" operation it points to the "Account description" in the SaaS application for customer master. Similarly I want to relate each mapping option available in the operation to a field in the SaaS application. 

    Is there any link or documentation available to get information about the details about all the mappings used in both the above operations, so that I can provide a list of fields that can be updated using these operations ? 

    I have attached the snapshot of the operation that I am trying to use , along with its available mappings. 


    Pavan Kulkarni. 






    • Sunny Chugh


      did you check the Person Service in the adapter, may be that can help.

      Description is as below

      Name : CRM : Trading Community Model : Trading
                      Community Person
      Description : An individual who either directly enters into a business
                  relationship or represents an organization in a business
                  relationship. For example, John Doe, Mary Doe who works at Oracle.



    • Jihane
      What we usually do is we try the SOAP web service using a tool like SOAPUI And we try updating the attributes and the functional team verify so if u r of tech background u need functional assistance. Below a reference and the WSDL url u can use Https://servername/fscmService/ReceivablesCustomerProfileService?WSDL Another option oracle provides in the OIC mapper UI is the "recommendation" option .but still basic & primitive. Reference: Regards