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    Maullin Shah
    How to make "Show more" as default when user opens...
    Topic posted March 23, 2018 by Maullin ShahBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Financials, Payables 
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    How to make "Show more" as default when user opens AP invoice form?
    How to make "Show more" as default when user opens AP invoice form?


    We are on R13 Financials cloud.

    When user opens AP invoice form, it defaults to "Show Less".  Then user has to click on "Show more" to enter additional details on AP invoice header.

    We want to make "Show more" as default.  How we can achieve this?

    with regards, MAullin Shah



    • Jon Hayes

      Hi Maullin,

      You can do this using Page Composer (I would advise doing this in a Test environment first before carrying it out in Live/Prod).

      I would need to draw up some notes for this, which I can publish on here early next week. Of course, if anyone else has these to hand; by all means feel free to chip in!

      Kind Regards,


    • Liam Todd

      Hi Jon,

      just lurking around the forum and noticed this post which would be useful to our AP department also, could you keep me posted with any notes you've created for this (wasn't sure if you might have sent privately).



    • Laura Meine

      We have clients looking for this functionality as well.  Did anyone ever get this worked out?  We'll look into the page composer option, but curious if there are any notes available.




    • Britta Nissl

      I had an SR with Oracle about this last year and they opened an ER. After looking at this I thought I would try the change again andwas unable to. I opened another SR because I did not have access to view my ER and was wondering if there was any progress. This is what they came back with. Jon if you know a work around please post instructions. Otherwise I've added to the idea lab.


      Update from Oracle

      "There has not been any significant progress on the enhancement request. This is not available through page customization which could be why the person who answered the forum post never responded with any documentation.

      Since there hasn't been any movement on the ER, I suggest you create an idea in ideas lab."