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    Back to Back Payment or Pay when paid
    Topic posted July 22, 2019 by PKRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Configuration, Financials, Payables, Receivables 
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    Back to Back Payment or Pay when paid
    Back to Back Payment or Pay when paid

    We are a group of company across various industry segments currently configuring Oracle Cloud ERP/SCM.

    In Trading segment of our group when we receive the payment from customer then only we  process  the supplier payment..After some research we found that that it is call it as pay when paid feature in E business suite. Can we achieve   this functionality in Oracle Cloud ERP. do we have such existing functionality in R13(19B)  version.

    Anyone have any ideas on this?

    Thanks in advance for any pointers




    • Becky Alvarez

      Currently this is not supported in Cloud Financials.  In ERP the functionality is dependent on the Purchase Order, if remember correctly be set up with Paid when Paid payment terms and was also dependent on Projects to group the AP invoices and to generated the release of the Pay when Paid hold when the Billing was generated out of Project Billing.  Cloud Financials currently does not have all these dependencies in place on order to support this.  Having said that, you can create manual holds and you can programmaticaly release holds so you could create payment terms and/or holds on invoices based on these terms and when an AR invoice is paid that has these terms, you could go and release the relevant invoices programmaticaly but of course this is a very simple solution to much more complex requirement but that is all we have at the moment, out of the box.  You may want to check with the Cloud Marketplace or with Oracle Consulting to see if there is a solution that they have come up with or one of our Partners has developed that you could take a look at.