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    chidambaram CT
    Business rule to assign an incident to queue
    Topic posted November 26, 2014 by chidambaram CTBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, last edited November 26, 2014 
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    Business rule to assign an incident to queue

    How to create a business rule to assign a non-resolved Incident to the queue(queue name x) after the customer has responded. (To elaborate, customer has raised an incident, and  agent did not responded to the incident and customer is again asking for an update. In this case, I need to assign the incident to the particular queue)



    • Bhagwan Singh Mer


      you must setup an escalation rule to meet this requirements i.e. if the incident is lying unattended after say xx hour, do something (here you can either send an email escalation, assign to queue etc)

      Answer Title: Setting up escalation rules



    • chidambaram CT

      Triggering point is when a customer is asking for an update not based on the time.

      I have written business rule some thing like this

      incident.status=unresolved && incident.response sent = no

      then assign to X queue

      When you create an incident, the above conditions are true, so rule is assigning the incident to X queue intially, which is incorrect.

    • Bastiaan van der Kooij


      you can use the previous status in the rules;
      previous status=unresolved & status = updated