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    Kyle Snay
    Future support for Outreach
    Topic posted February 20, 2019 by Kyle SnayGold Crown: 30,000+ Points 
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    Future support for Outreach

    Has anyone heard anything about Oracle's plans to continue to support Outreach? To my knowledge there's nothing in place to offer a browser user interface and I don't recall the last time I saw any product enhancements for it in the quarterly releases. I get the feeling we're supposed to be looking at Engagement/Marketing Cloud if we want capabilities found in other CRM platforms.



    • Thiyag

      am happy that they retain outreach till now. what say?

    • Justin

      i dont see it going away since thats where transactional surveys live, BUI doesnt have any admin functions currently so im not suprised that outreach isnt in there. 

      • Kyle Snay

        You don't need to be an admin to use Outreach. It has its own tab on the profile permissions. I just don't see Oracle investing in bringing Outreach to the BUI because its focus on RightNow is to manage service requests. If you want marketing/communications then they'll point you to Marketing Cloud.

    • Justin

      right but its an admin like function, youve got something that is tied to an actual billable thing (mailings) and public facing css/html stuff/. Its not something you give an agent. The ease of porting all that into a web interface is probably the main hold up on most admin like functions. If they even move that stuff over at all, which i wouldnt be suprise if they didnt.