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    Mobile Form OR Plugin to Pull Inventory
    Topic posted November 30, 2018 by AdamSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Configuration, Inventory / Parts, Mobility / Mobile Apps, Resource Management 
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    Mobile Form OR Plugin to Pull Inventory
    We need to pull inventory from the activity in mobility application

    In one of our requirements, we need to push all the inventory items to the mobility application so that when field technician logs in with his tablet he can see all the inventory which was part of the activity and also he can add multiple inventory items by himself. We are not sure if we can achieve this by using mobile forms or we need to build a plugin for this. For better understanding, Here are the exact requirements:

    • Supervisor will create an Activity (say A1)
    • Supervisor will ad inventory items (item1, item2, item3) required to perform this activity
    • Supervisor will assign a technician(T1) and Truck(TR1) to the activity. He can assign multiple Ts and TRs. 
    • Activity will be scheduled and dispatched.
    • Technician(T1) will login into the application and open the Activity(A1)
    • T1 will perform A1 and once A1 is finished he will open A1 in the tablet and there will be a screen(S1) that will show all the inventory items along with their prices. Sort of invoice.
    • S1 will also display technicians and Trucks that were used.
    • T1 may add additional inventory items that were not part of the A1 that T1 used for the completion of A1 but they were not part of the A1.

    At this point, we are not sure if we can use mobile forms to achieve above or we need to build a plugin for this? Please let me know if I missed something to clear the requirement so that i will add more info.




    • shankar


      I believe it can be achieved OOTB with the assumption that part catalogue has all set of inventory. From my understanding you would be creating a team and the team would be working on this activity. The team leader can update or create new parts used in the inventory. OFSC splits the inventory to various categories and using the inventory subscription you can write logic at the middleware to generate the required XML files for PO processing for vendors in ERP.


    • Adam

      Hi, yes it can be a team or a single man. Is there any other options where we can add inventory or service items in the invoice along with their prices so to present it to customer where he can sign?

    • shankar

      Yes, if you can build a plugin which does the above. Plugin exposes most of the form functionality for implementers to build custom UI however you would need to build your own js for signature capture. Plugin allows images to be stored in offline from version 17.

      You can put this as one of the steps of complete where all information from inventory and activity are shown in a particular invoice format 

    • Adam

      Thank you Shankar for your detailed reply.

      Please can you guide me through the steps of building a custom plugin for this requirement?

      Also, I could not understood this fully:

      "You can put this as one of the steps of complete where all information from inventory and activity are shown in a particular invoice format "

      Also, in case of custom plugin, will field operator be able to pull information when he leaves for job to the customer and keep adding/updating information on the invoice in offline mode?