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    Michael Webb
    Whitepaper on Procurement AMX Approvals
    Topic posted May 7, 2015 by Michael WebbBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Approvals, Setup 
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    Whitepaper on Procurement AMX Approvals
    Whitepaper on Procurement AMX Approval setups and definitions

    I've had a number of questions over the past couple of weeks as to how does Procurement Cloud AMX workflows work, what is available and how to do the setup.

    Here is a great whitepaper to get you started on this topic.

    This whitepaper will answer many of the questions regarding setup prior to defining document approvals rules, an overview of the how the rules work including some business scenarios, and the setups that are seeded 'out of the box'.

    The whitepaper includes setups and attibute definitions for;

    • requisition approvals,
    • purchase orders and agreements approvals,
    • supplier registration approvals,
    • supplier spend authorization approvals,
    • supplier negotiation (sourcing) approvals.

    Finally, there is an appendix section on upgrade process considerations from releases prior to Release 8 of Procurement Cloud.