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    Manish Jhunjhunwala
    How to change the Quarterly upgrade patch schedule in Cloud
    Topic posted January 30, 2019 by Manish JhunjhunwalaBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited February 6, 2019, tagged Upgrade 
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    How to change the Quarterly upgrade patch schedule in Cloud
    How to change the Quarterly upgrade patch schedule in Cloud

    We are on 18C presently.

    Can someone help in knowing the process to change the quarterly upgrade patch schedule provided by Oracle?





    • Felix Beaudoin

      Hey Manish!

      Last time I spoke with our Oracle Success Manager, they informed us that starting with 19A, customers will not be able to postpone the quarterly patches. You really need a solid argument (go-live risk or similar) for them to even consider it. The argument of "we're not ready and it may impact our business" will not be enough.
      There is no standard format on Oracle Support on how to achieve this. You need to raise an SR, call in to the Duty Manager, request a Call Back from a Manager and try to escalate your risk.
      Let me know how it goes!

    • Jon Kelly


      It depends on what you are wanting to change. We started on quarterly maintenance, but have switched to monthly, and recently even went to weekly due to a production down issue. We just opened an SR requesting to move from monthly to weekly and provided our justification, and had it changed. We got a weekly patch in development last weekend, will receive our production update this weekend, and then we will be back on monthly. This was a two week change, but Oracle allowed it for our issue. 


    • Kevin Johnson

      Hi Manish,

      The only thing we had to do was create an SR. We moved the quarterly patch to Feb, May, August and November as these are the "off" quarter months for us. When you make the change, you need to make sure all environments are at the same version, release etc. when you request. 



      • Felix Beaudoin

        This is definitely interesting! Thanks for the information Kevin and everyone else. Maybe our OSM was just trying to stop us from changing our schedules because we changed so many times due to our go-live date. I'll keep this in mind for future reference.

        • Wendy Ware

          Hi Felix, in my experience it's possible to switch from one quarterly schedule to another (via SR request) as long as you don't postpone your update beyond the last possible month.  For example, Apr '19 is the last month for the 19A update.  If we wanted to switch from Apr/July/Oct/Jan to May/Aug/Nov/Feb or Jun/Sep/Dec/Mar we could do so after we received 19A in April.  Hope this helps.  Wendy

    • Wendy Ware

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