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    How to determine the availability/status of agents in the...
    Topic posted February 28, 2008 by Bfranz Red Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited October 29, 2011 
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    How to determine the availability/status of agents in the new RNW Live


    I know that there are several people out there looking for a way to determine the precise status of agents in the new live chat as thats currently not provided out of the box by RNW.



    • tsears
      Thanks for this!  It helped alleviate a few of the pains our management team has to deal with using the new chat.
    • the awesome.
      Hmm... it doesn't look to me that the tables have been fixed to refresh current data in the Feb '08 release.  We are doing testing in our upgrade site since we are schedule to upgrade on the 29th of this month, but I've built a handful of reports to try and capture active and available agent sessions and it's not real-time data.  Boo :td
    • Stuart Lipinski
      We're about to set up a pilot of the chat function, and the fact that users have to figure out how to do this is a little worrying - surely knowing the status of your chat agents is a fundamental pat of any live interaction system, be it telephone or chat?
      A little worried now as to what else that seems obvious is also missing...
    • mhjv
      This is exactly what I was looking for.
      Thank you for sharing!
    • K Tucci

      This report is great.  Should make it easier to monitor chat agent activity.  One question, how do you get the colored flags into the report?  Thanks.



    • josh
      Thanks for the report. It is my understanding that it isn't refreshed data and that apparently you cannot even see exactly what status the agents are in and using. Has anyone found a way to actually go deeper to see exactly what status the agent has selected to sit in besides being available or unavailable? I don't understand why we would need to upgrade to get a report like this which should be standard to work or have a custom one created. This is valuable information that helps you watch your agents and keep efficiencies at their peak.
    • Amol

      Can you please provide me step by step instructions on how to make this report from scratch or from an existing standard template.




    • JTropeano

      This is awesome.  Great work!

    • ihays

      Hi Josh,

      In response your to your question, yes you can see the actual status of the agent and have it refresh the data.  I have a dashboard that I created that shows all of our queues as well as the status of every agent.  The two reports that I am using are standard reports.  They are Chat Agent Statistics and Chat Queue Statistics.  However, if I remember right, depending on what version of RightNow you have, you might not have the Chat Agent Statistics report.  I am on Feb. 09 and we used have both Aug. 08 and Feb. 08.

      Anyway, within Chat Agent Stats report, there is a column called Agent Status and this will show you have to see the actual status.  Here is the code for that column if you don't have it:

      if(max(chat_agent_intervals.client_id) IS NULL, msg_lookup('NT_LOGGED_IN_LBL'), concat(max(chat_agent_intervals.status_type), ': ', max(chat_agent_intervals.status_id)))

      As far as the refreshing a report automatically, this can be done.  You have to actually go into the design view of the report, then go to Home Tab --> Options --> More Options.  This will pop up a window called Edit Settings and under the "Automatically refresh report at a regular interval" section, you will see two checkboxes there.  You will want to place a check in the second checkbox that says "Auto-Refresh enabled by default" and then you can tell it, in seconds, how often you want it to refresh.  We have ours set to refresh every minute.  The final thing that you will want to do in the window is make sure you are running off of the Operational Database.  (Also, just on a side note, I have the "Refresh report when data shown is changed due to an action initiated from this report" just to cover all basis.) Once you have done this, then just click the OK button and Save the Report.  You should now be able to have this report refresh whenever the view is loaded.

      I hope this helps you out.


    • leon earp

      Wow this is impressive.  Could you possible tell me how to import this reporting definition?