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    Rao Adivikolanu
    OTBI Reporting: How to Leverage OBI EE Action Framework as...
    Announcement posted August 15, 2014 by Rao AdivikolanuGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Architecture, BI, Engagement Cloud, Financials, General, GRC, HCM, Other, PPM, Procurement, SCM, Service, Talent 
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    OTBI Reporting: How to Leverage OBI EE Action Framework as an alternative to cross subject area queries

    This document describes how to leverage action framework as an alternative approach to cross subject area queries


    Action Framework is one of the features provided by Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). Using this feature, BI developers can create actions that provide functionality to navigate to related content and/or invoke operations, functions, or processes in external systems. Actions can be included in analyses, dashboard pages, and can be executed by end users who click action links that are embedded within Analyses on column headings, column values, and in certain views, such as graphs, and on totals and grand totals within tables

    Cross subject queries become complicated in some situations where report needs information from multiple subject areas that provide different levels (grain) of information such as balances and transactions. Action framework can be leveraged in conjunction with cross subject area queries to address these types of requirements. Actions empower users with actionable insights and data interactivity.

    Download the attached document for a detailed use case, solution, and implementation steps.



    • Mien Lin Tan

      Is this document relevant to BOTH Fusion Cloud and Fusion On-premise customers?  Thanks.

    • Ashish Harbhajanka

      Yes the document holds true for both type of customers


      I can attest to the usefulness of the action links in combination of dashboards to get an aggregated view of complex data from multiple subject areas.

      Thank You for posting this valuable information!