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    Nirmal Kumar
    HDL File upload to UCM not working through OIC
    Topic posted March 23, 2019 by Nirmal KumarRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Adapters, Agent, Cloud, Connection, Database, E-Business Suite, Integration, Mapping, Orchestration, SOAP, Web Services, xml 
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    HDL File upload to UCM not working through OIC
    HDL File upload to UCM not working through OIC

    Hi All,

    I am trying to upload worker.dat HDL file to UCM server through OIC integration.

    But it is failing with the below error -

    Content item 'UCMFA00012909' was not successfully checked in. The content type 'dat' is not defined in the system. :Application Error

    I also tried uploading file. But getting similar error saying - Content type 'zip' is not defined in the system.

    Can you please help resolve it.

    Attached is the screenshot of mapping. Please let me know if setup is correct.







    • Hemanth Lakkaraju

      Can you remove docType mapping and see if it works? Also can you attach the activity stream logs for the instance to see what payload is being sent to UCM?

      • Nirmal Kumar

        If I don't give doc Type, it says "DocType is required".

        Beside, WriteFile process is showing 0 in the integration. Does it mean no file is written from source?

        Please see attached image.




    • Nirmal Kumar

      Dear All,

      Now the HDL is uploading to UCM and the import program is submitting.

      But data load is failing with error. Please see the attached image.




      • Hemanth Lakkaraju

        Can you explain what all changes you did to achieve this? Earlier, UCM upload is failing and once docType is changed, import Program is not getting submitted!

        See if this document helps you regarding the error.

        • Nirmal Kumar

          Hi Hemanth,

          Now uploading HDL and submitting import program is happening correctly. HDL data format was not right earlier. Some commas were occuring at end of file. All the above issues are due to this.

           Thanks for all your help and suggestions.

      • Cesar Tepetla Corte

        Hi Nirmal,

        Are you using the generic UCM service?

        To import to UCM I use the service and manage the configuration as follows:

        *Document Section*
        field: fileName
          name: dDocName
        field: fileName
          name: dDocTitle
        field: Document
          name: dDocType
        field: application/zip
          name: dFormat
        field: FAFusionImportExport
          name: dSecurityGroup
        field: hcm$/dataloader$/import$
          name: dDocAccount

        *File Section*
        Content: Add here the 'FileReference' field of your 'WriteEmployeesToStage' object
        name: primaryFile
        href: Here you must concatenate '/ hcm / dataloader / import /' with the file name you are handling.

        idcService: CHECKIN_UNIVERSAL
        webkey: cs

        Let me know if this has been useful.


        • Nirmal Kumar

          Hi Cesar,

          Thanks for your reply!! HDL upload now works using the Upload to UCM built-in feature in HCM cloud adapter.

          docType I gave as "Document" and then it worked.