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    LOV reverse translation
    Topic posted October 24, 2019 by vijay.kekane Red Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Business Objects 
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    LOV reverse translation
    Get value based on ID

    Hi There,

    We have requirement to display name in LOV but, store ID in business object. It is easy to implement in Create page. During update, it is required to get name based on ID. Users need to see name and not ID. Let me know if anyone has done it in past or has any idea to get it done.




    • John Ceccarelli may help. In general you always have both an ID and a Label for an LOV. When binding the LOV to Data using the quickstart you pick the ID and Label fields. Not sure if I'm getting your usecase.

    • vijay.kekane

      Thanks John. Here is my use case. LOV in VBCS has 2 columns value, label. In our case value is Business Unit ID and label is Business Unit name. We show label in drop down (select one) list but, save value (business unit ID) in business object. After saving this row, we need to display same row in different page (update page), now it is required to translate value (business unit id) back to name (business unit name). How this can be done in update page?

      • Shay Shmeltzer

        Assuming that the two business objects are connected and that the field is defined as a reference field in the "detail" object, then when you drop a table on the page and hook it up to the detail object, in the field selection part you'll see a node for the master object and you can drill down and pick the label from there.

        For example in this video -

        at 1:33 you can see the "DepartmentObject" node - and if you expand it you'll get to the department name that you can add to your fetch.


        • vijay.kekane

          We created new REST connection which will return one BU name based on id. It is called when edit page is getting populated. This resolved the problem.