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    Rick Kelder
    VBCS & Processes: using ExternalUIUrl to use a VBCS Flow as...
    Topic posted March 19, 2019 by Rick KelderRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Process, UI 
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    VBCS & Processes: using ExternalUIUrl to use a VBCS Flow as Task UI (questions regarding task API version and environments)
    VBCS & Processes: showcase of using ExternalUIUrl to use a VBCS Flow as Task UI (and a question regarding Task API Version)

    Dear all,

    In combination with the Process Cloud Service (PCS) there is a possibility in a Human Task to specify an ExternalUIUrl. This URL can point towards a VBCS screen. When using the parameters, you can input all query parameters needed for using a custom VBCS UI inside the PCS tasks. This is a really nice feature as you can use the out-of-the-box task list and a custom task list at the same time.

    I have two problems however which I hope there are answers for. First when trying to build a custom task list in VBCS there is a standard implementation of Task, however, this Task does NOT have a lot of the fields that are provided by the task API. So at this moment I am forced to use a service connection towards (probably the same) task API:

    So that I can get all the fields like externalUIUrl.

    Secondly I would like to know if somebody knows a solution for a "environment" problem. If I use the externalUIURL to point towards an VBCS application, I have a problem when going to production OR deploying to another cloud instance (we have a multi-tiered landscape for example, with Development, Test and Production). 

    For example:

    "externalUIURL": "".

    Where OURDEV could change when deploying (can I solve this with a script? can this be done with a system var? {host} or something? Relative URL?)

    The same questoin applies to the staging URL (/rt/).

    Is there any recommendation / best practice for this? Otherwise we will probably try and solve this in the git runner.

    With regards,

    Rick Kelder




    • Rick Kelder

      Was not sure if this should be in this forum or the process automation forum. Please let me know if it should not be here.

    • John Ceccarelli

      RE: environment problem - is the process instance kicked off by a message from VBCS? If so, you can pass in the mode and version of the VB app as parameters to the message, store those in a PCS object, then use those to form the URLs. That's what we do with service connections. There are several gotchas with this flow, so need more details of what is kicking off the process in your app.

    • Rick Kelder

      Dear John,

      Our process is a structured process that is kicked off from a Dynamic process (this to adhere to separation of concerns). The question is about the option that a human task in a process has if you click on the + button next to webform. You can also select ExternalUIURL here. (This option has gone missing for our cloud environment all of a sudden which broke several of our processes, but that is something we are working on with support). You can input a hardcoded URL here (in our case a VBCS screen) and the query parameters in the input data association. The "problem" here is that I do not see any way to input map the URL itself (though there is an URL object with sub-objects? Not sure if there is any option there see attached). The second "problem" is that we do not have any system variables in the left (input) side of the mapping or expression editor. No hostname or relative url or anything like that, so i'm not sure how feasable this option is when we need to transport to different environments (can I solve this in the mapping? in a git runner script?).

      Also, on development we would like to use a stage URL and on production a real URL for the VBCS screens assigned to the tasks. It would be nice if there was some sort of system-toggle switch or variables that we can assign and use in the expression editor to say in pseudo-code: "if system-toggle-production eq true use https://{host}/rt/{myapp}/Live else https://{host}/rt/{myapp}/NewVersion" or something like that. So I was searching on what the recommendation is from Oracle, or that we should look at solutions in our git runner script as well for acceptance to production deployments.

      As the screenshots will tell I'm not a native English speaker so please let me know if I phrased the question(s) correctly this time.