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    Andy Cleary
    AIP Invoice Image - matching multiple invoice lines to...
    Topic posted July 12, 2019 by Andy ClearyRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Payables, Public Sector, Tip 
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    AIP Invoice Image - matching multiple invoice lines to single line PO
    Issue where multiple invoice lines are partially read from invoice but not matched to single line PO


    We're using the AIP invoice imaging cloud solution.  We create a lot of blanket/open/draw-down POs which have a single value line intended to cover multiple invoices and receipts for a period of time. These are particularly used by our department running catering/food vendoring outlets.

    We have an issue where the PO number is read succesfully on the invoice and multiple line invoices are read and multiple invoice lines then created but fail to be matched to the single PO line available leaving the lines partially entered and the invoice as 'Incomplete' status.  So the AP team have to manually match all the invoice lines against the single PO line.  If there is only one PO line why don't all OCR read invoice lines get matched against it by default? Some multiple invoices do match to a single PO line succesfully but the majority do not. 

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue and have you found any configuration setting for invoice imaging or workarounds that assisted first time invoice matching?

    Many thanks
    Andy Cleary










    • Ivan Pena

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    • Marcus Comins
      Hi Is it an 'amount based' PO, rather than quantity/price? I am not sure if the AIP solution ever matches against POs raised like that but happy to be corrected. Thanks Marcus
      • Andy Cleary

        Hi Marcus

        Yes these are amount based POs.  We create a lot of amount based POs.  The nature of our work as a public sector local authority leads to fairly low usage of catalogues (BPAs) and punchout orders.




    • Shailendra Agarwal

      If it is amount based PO, then scanned invoice created will be a single consolidated line with amount net of all the lines on the image file. It could be that you are missing some configuration in the environment you are testing. Please log an SR and drop me an email with SR# and I will get the configuration updated. Thanks.