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    Sara Craven
    Pay groups and payment requests for employee expenses
    Topic posted October 22, 2019 by Sara CravenBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Expenses, Payables 
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    Pay groups and payment requests for employee expenses
    Unable to use pay groups for employees expense payments

    We have a requirement to separate payments for employee expenses within a business unit but cannot find a way to do so. In EBS we used pay groups but cannot use this functionality now. Has anyone managed to find a successful workaround that does not require manual intervention to pay expenses from different bank accounts within one business unit? 

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    • Christopher Wise

      We have done something similar this is how we solved it.

      1. Manage Payment Method - Create a new payment method fo that will be used for Employee Expense
        1. WIthin the Payables Section.  Make this payment method only valid for Payment Process Transaction Type = "Employee Expense"
      2. Manage Payment Method Defaulting Rules - We have a sequence
        1. In our case all supplier checks are payment method check.  So we added as the first sequence Payment method = Check, and specified Payment Process Transaction Types = Payables Document
        2. All Expenses use payment method = "xxxxx Expense Report" (the new payment method from step 1.  So we added the second sequence as Payment method = *** Expense Report and specified Payment Process Transaction Types = "Employee Expense"
      3. Add Payment method specific payment process profiles and then use specific payment process request templates that refer to those profiles.

      Hopefully that's enough to get you going

      • Sara Craven

        Thanks for responding, we have already tried this though and couldn't find a way to have some employees with one payment method and some with the custom payment method which is what we need to acheive. For example, all employees are in BU1, but the ones in finance need to go from bank account X and the ones in HR need to go from bank account Y. Did you manage to acheive anything like that?