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    Tyson Kunz
    Looking for a basic breakdown of IaaSAnswered
    Topic posted August 16, 2018 by Tyson KunzGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited December 31, 2018 by Arijit ChakrabortyBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, tagged Autonomous Database, Autonomous OLTP, Cloud at Customer, Consolidation, Engineered Systems, Exadata Software, InfiniBand, IO Resource Management, Query Offloading, Smart Storage, Tip 
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    Looking for a basic breakdown of IaaS
    Please help provide just a basic breakdown of IaaS

    Linking documentation will be helpful as well. 
    I would like a open platform for just the basics of IaaS. 
    Once established, we can progress from there. 

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    Robin Chatterjee

    I=Infrastructure a= as a=a S=Service :) thats the basic breakdown :D

    Docs for OCI etc are at

    Hi Tyson - as it shows your Company is Oracle shouldn't you be answering the Basic questions rather than asking them ?