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    Deepika Nathany
    Punchout - Shipping charges on PO
    Topic posted July 25, 2018 by Deepika NathanySilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged How-To, Requisition Processing 
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    Punchout - Shipping charges on PO
    How are shipping charges or shipping method captured for Punchout orders

    IF we have two suppliers say Dell and Amazon - for a punchout.

    Now - the express delivery charges from Dell site could be $5 and from Amazon could be $3.00

    How are these values captured in our Purchase Orders.

    There is no mapping for the shipping method or charge - How is this done ?

    anyone any idea?





    • Suman Guha

      Hi Deepika,

      Currently there doesn't exist a way to capture either a requester preferred shipping method or corresponding shipping charges from a punchout site into the requisition. Please post this as an idea in the SSP ideas thread for voting and development review.



    • Deepika Nathany

      Sure Suman -- thanks!!!

      But just wondering is there any other way to do this? Or normally employees who use punchouts are not allowed to use any other delivery other than Standard.


    • Deepika Nathany


        Do you think there is any other way to do this?

      Maybe have a flexfield -- And the supplier maps this flexfield to the shipping charge. (Not sure if this is possible -- But a idea I got to try)

      And then if -- We can edit the total of the PO -- (Doesnt look like this is possible)

      Or -- Save the total in another flexfield -- and integrate this with invoicing.

      Would you be able to comment -- if above or something similar is possible.

      My customer and supplier both are not able to believe that there is no way to capture Shipping charges.

      We definately need this feature.


    • Suman Guha

      Shipping preferences and associated charges even if supported on the punchout site cannot be mapped back to any requisition attribute and therefore does not flow down to the rest of the procure to pay cycle. There isn't any good workaround for the problem other than unstructured instructions to the buyer that would require manual intervention to implement such instructions on the PO before it gets issued.

    • Deepika Nathany

      Sure Thanks Suman for your update.

      Hope to see this as and enhancement - as it seems to be a very common case where the supplier is charging a Shipping fee.




    • Suman Guha

      Just to be clear this is a problem only if the punchout site provides options for shipping.

      And the problems are two-fold:

      1) The order to the supplier does not indicate if expedited shipping was requested.

      2) The ordered amount does not reflect the additional expenses from such shipping arrangements.

      If that were not the case, then your purchase order should be able to reflect the agreed shipping method and Freight charges if applicable would have showed up on your invoice.

      If it's possible for the punchout site to add an additional line to the cart for these expedited shipping charges, then your requirement can still be met.

      Anyways, request that you post the enhancement as an idea in the Ideas lab to see if there are others looking for this same functionality to handle those sites who would be unwilling to add a cart item for expedited shipping charges.


    • Deepika Nathany

      Thanks Suman for your response -- Yes - the two points that you mentioned are the pain points here.

      - The additional line -- will have accounting impact with charge account - Moreover the additional line will also have to be a manual entry.

      I am exploring how to use the freight charge (if it can be used in my case).

    • BALAMURUGAN Packirisamy

      You can try using Landed Cost Management