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    Kshitiz Srivastava
    Update requisition
    Topic posted October 11, 2019 by Kshitiz Srivastava, tagged Approvals, Create Requisition, Requisition Processing, Setup 
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    Update requisition
    Hi - We have created a requisition and once it is approved PO automatically gets created. Now want to update requisition instead of updating PO. Is there any way to achive this ?



    • Deepak Padhy

      Hi Ksjitiz - Once the Requisition is approved and the PO is created, we can not modify the requisition, we need to do whatever changes required in PO  only.

      The changes that need to be done in the PO can be raised by the Requestor or buyer.




    • Kshitiz Srivastava

      Hi Deepak,

      Yes I know, but there should be a way to do the same. The same is achievable in iProcurement.

      I have tried to cancel the PO and then saw the requisition it was still freezed. Ideally, once the PO is cancelled the system should allow to edit requisition.




    • Deepak Padhy

      Hi Kshitiz - When you cancel the PO, you get two options: 
      Cancel unfulfilled demand - Yes/No


      if you choose to "Cancel unfulfilled demand - Yes", it is not actually canceling the requisition as the wording says, it just cancels the Demand (PO) for that requisition line. And keeping the Requsition in approved status, so in Approved Req we can not modify anything.

      if you choose to "Cancel unfulfilled demand - No", it just cancels the PO and re-instate the similar PO line (with the same qty, the amount in PO) from the canceling PO into the backing Requisition and both Req and new reinstated req line remains in Approved status. 


      So ideally you can not modify the requisition once the PO is created against it. If you need it you can raise an IDEA in idea lab for DEV team verification on it.




    • Ashok


      Thank you for providing these responses.


      The design intent and details are available in the Requisition forums. Here are a few ideas relating to this that you are welcome to peruse. I also believe there was a very recent discussion on this topic in the Purchasing forum as well.


      • Puneet Pareek


        We are also facing same issues now; at very high level below are the listing of issues.

        1. No Requisition Change Capability Supported By Oracle Post Req Approval: Requisition and Purchase Orders have always been tightly coupled in most of the ERP's including Oracle EBS. We have a requirement wherein business wants to perform changes at the Approved Purchase Requisition level and trigger the same to Purchase Order level. Purchase Requisition is the source of truth for business and it is against compliance/governance wherein i have a different ordered quantity in requisition and the tied PO. 

        2. Incorrect Requisition Status Shown for a Cancelled Requisition: We have a requirement to pull out reports for Requisition (Approved Status); since product doesn't have capability to update the PR Status as Cancelled when a corresponding PO is cancelled the Requisitions reporting will always be incorrect wherein even Cancelled Requisitions will be shown to the users as 'Approved'. Oracle needs to discuss this internally and accept it as a Bug as we cannot decouple Requisition and Purchasing modules which are always tied coupled. 

        3. Requester Visibility To Order Change: We have a different Approval hierarchy for Requisition and PO and any change needs to be routed via Requisition Approval Hierarchy as per the governance set by the company stakeholders; please provide an alternative as to how we can achieve the same ??

        Please advise if there is a roadmap to fix the above bugs in coming quarters ?

        Thanks for your help as always !


        Puneet Pareek

    • Nitin Katare

      Are you trying to add another new requisition to an already open PO? If yes, this is something on the Purchasing roadmap.