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    Mahgoub Salaheldien
    Trace Transaction
    Topic posted September 3, 2018 by Mahgoub SalaheldienBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Payables 
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    Trace Transaction
    User do wrong transaction

    user he create stander  invoice in payable after that cancle this invoice , i need log report to tracing this transaction




    • Becky Alvarez

      You probably need to log a service request to get a log file after the fact.  There are My Oracle Support Notes on how to create log files, I believe while you are generating a transaction.

      If you know who the supplier is and you have access, you could probably go to manage invoices and do an advanced query based on creation date and/or cancellation date and find the invoices if you don't know the supplier could still go into Manage Invoices to Advanced Search and say that the invoice number is not Zero and the add the either or both the creation date or cancellation date and put those in and try and find the invoices.

      Just my 2 cents worth.