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    Nick Hirsch
    Requisition distribution combination
    Topic posted September 23, 2019 by Nick HirschRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Create Requisition, FAQ, How-To, Manage Procurement Catalog, Requisition Processing, Setup 
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    Requisition distribution combination
    Trying to edit a requisition distribution combination

    We use a 10 digit string in our COA to capture project codes. When an employee is completing a requisition, the distribution combination is linked to the category in the catalogue. Once they submit the requisition we want (as the AP department) to be able to edit the combination without it defaulting back to the category combination so that we can add a project code into the selection.

    Oracle Fusion 19B



    • Sandeep Kumar

      You can add the AP Department as approver and Approver can edit PR which is in the approval process and submit for next approver 


      • Nick Hirsch

        Hi Sandeep,

        Thanks for your quick response.

        We have tried this but the approver can't see an option to edit the requisition. Is there a specific job role they need to have in order to edit them?

        The only options the approver can see on the actions drop down are:

        * Request Information

        * Delegate

        * Reassign

        * Route Task

        * Escalate

        * Suspend

        * Withdraw

        * Add Comments

        * Add Attachment



    • Sandeep Kumar

      yes define the Custom role and add "Edit Requisition as Approver" as Privilege and assign user

      then Edit Option will be available in the notification below approval history 

      • Nick Hirsch

        Thanks. We can now see the edit option. However, we tried to edit the charge account under billing as that is where we want to add in the 10 digit project code but it defaults back to the original when we submit.

        • Ifeanyi Katchy


          This means your charge account defaulting rule is no longer setup with Requisition Charge Account as the first source. You have to go to Setup >  Define Transaction Account, select the charge account that is being used and make the Requisition Charge Account as the first rule.

          Note that this change will impact everybody i.e. it means anybody who changes the account will have that value stick. This means that if the Requisition Preparer (who might not be an expert in Accounts) changes the charge account, their value will also stick.

          A better approach would be to setup your charge account defaulting rules so that the correct values are defaulted.


          • Nick Hirsch

            Thanks Ifeanyi. When you say "Setup" - do you mean Setup and Maintenance? As I can't find "Define Transaction Account" in there. Or do we need to look somewhere else?

            I agree that setting up so that the correct values are defaulted is the best method but we have multiple deals/projects that occur in our business and we want the ability to tag the costs with a project/deal code. So if someone chose to requisition legal fees, we don't want them to have to have to scroll through multiple legal fee accounts to find the right project/deal code. Instead they select legal fees, the requisition then comes through to our AP department who can check the requisition and edit the charge account to add the project code.

            Maybe there is a better method you could suggest?

            Thanks for your help


      • Nick Hirsch

        Hi Sandeep,

        Did you have any other possible solutions to the issue we have? As mentioned in my comment below, it is the charge account that we want to edit. Wondered if there is a role that we need to add in order to do that?

        Thanks for your help


    • Suman Guha

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