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    Marissa Gonzales
    "Generic Company Marketing Site" banner when...
    Topic posted June 12, 2019 by Marissa GonzalesBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points 
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    "Generic Company Marketing Site" banner when Survey is completed
    Change Generic Company Marketing Site banner when Survey is completed

    I found in a related discussion you can change the completed survey page by going to:

    1. Site Configuration > File Manager > Marketing & Feedback
    2. Next to the Upload box click the Browse... button
    3. Locate my edited top.php, click Open
    4. The Upload box is populated with the path to the new top.php
    5. Click the Go button

    However, I do not not have the Option for Marketing & Feedback.. only Outreach and Feedback.

    Is this the same thing?

    Also.. when I go to upload a copy of the tot.php file.. i get an error message, The directory display page is not loaded.  Unable to upload at the time.


    Any ideas to correct?





    • Mary Gilbert

      Outreach = Marketing


    • Ajay Yadav

      what exactly you are looking for, if just adding URL/some final page with thank you, after completing survey you can do it with survey in advance mode

    • Gursimran Singh Saini

      Okay here's what you do.

      If you want a certain survey to redirect to a custom thank you page, you have to open the Survey and add URL of your custom page under "End of Survey Options".

      If all your surveys are set to "Redirect to default Thank You page", then you:
      - Go to File Manager
      - Switch to Outreach & Feedback
      - You will see three files here: bottom.phph, head.phph, top.phph
      - These three files are responsible for setting the HTML and Styling of the default survey thank you page.
      - In the top.phph file, add a <h1> tag of your company name. For example: <h1>CW Government Travel, Inc.</h1>

    • Marissa Gonzales
      Thank you. This is perfect to understand.