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    Kim Puls
    Expenditure Corrections (Cost Transfers)
    Topic posted June 5, 2019 by Kim PulsSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Capital Projects, Grants Management, Project Costing, Project Management 
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    Expenditure Corrections (Cost Transfers)

    The University of Wyoming is have major issues with Expenditure Corrections/Cost Transfers.  We have problems is someone mistypes a date or the original expenditure happened in FY18 and the corrections is happening in FY19 (after FY18 is closed) by the system wants FY18 to be opened when non-sponsored project funds are in play...does anyone else have these issues? How do you process expenditure corrections...any words of wisdom would be much appreciated.

    Thanks - Kim



    • Avesh Ganodwala

      Hi Kim,


      We had a similar issue where the subledger journal entries from project where stuck in sub ledger expection process, the suggestion from oracle was to open the FY18 accounting period and ensuring you are no posting the entries and just transfer it and once it is transfer to GL we can post it to correct opened accounting period.

      Below are steps that we were suggested by oracle.

      step 1. Please reopen GL preiods of below and make sure no user is doing create accounting process: 

      step 2. Run " Create accounting" process by setting "POST To GL" parameter as "No" and provide a journal batch name say "***-Entries" 
      step 3. if "Create accounting" program completes in success, then Close Above periods 
      step 4. Then customer can chose to POST those entries ("***-Entries" batch ) into current GL OPEN period - say ***-yy period. 


      Kind and regards,

      Avesh Ganodwala