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    Diego Gonzalez Gavilan
    ICS do not capture "shipment" event after...
    Topic posted June 13, 2019 by Diego Gonzalez GavilanRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    ICS do not capture "shipment" event after "Autocreate Shipment" step. CloudINV - GTM Integration
    ICS do not capture "shipment" event after "Autocreate Shipment" step. CloudINV - GTM Integration

    Need to ICS capture the Event "Shipment Number" after “Autocreate Shipment” (not Sales Order submitted in OM)

    We are implementing only GTM (without OTM) with ERP Cloud OM.

    As far as we know, ICS read the event from Sales Order in OM with following configuration in ERP Cloud:

    1) In “Manage Business Event Trigger Points” activate the 3 first flags.
    2) Created a custom Orchestration where in Status Condition Tab we edit Status rule set where we activate all flags in “Notify External System”

    With this 2 configuration in ERP Cloud side, ICS is able to read the OM event with no problem.  But in our implementation, we have 1 more step in cloud where after Sales Ordes has been submitted, we go to Shipment (INV) and we “Autocreate a Shipment” and create a shipment Number xxxx (this is not the ship confirmation, is just a shipment number) … and this Number xxxx is the Event that we need to read in ICS to integrate with GTM and create a Trade Transaction there.

    Could you help me to know what is missing in the set up and configuration in CLOUD to be able to ICS read this “Shipment Number ” events??

    Find a video attached were I show were we need the event to be captured by ICS.-

    Many thanks in advance,
    Best Regards,
    Diego Gonzalez Gavilan