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    Jim Reynolds
    Send Broadcast Mailing to Different Audiences
    Topic posted November 13, 2019 by Jim ReynoldsRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Send Broadcast Mailing to Different Audiences


    We would like to be able to send a broadcast mailing to different audiences. At the moment we have to copy a previous mailing, add a different contact list and then send that new mailing copy. As you can imagine this is resulting in a lot of mailing copies.

    Nothing about the mailing itself is actually changing except who it is being sent to. We aren't able to just change the list on an existing mailing and send it again as the audience options (add contact list, add segment) become greyed out once the mailing is sent. Is there a way to send the same mailing to different audiences or must a new mailing be created everytime?

    Any advice is appreciated. Thank you. 




    • Lisa Richards

      Hi Jim. Have you considered sending it as a recurring mailing, and adding the various audiences as required (assuming you need to send on different dates)?

    • Sristy Arya

      Hi Jim,


      Pls confirm , you need to send the same mailer to different audience at same time ? If Yes,then you can add multiple contact list to the single Mailer. See the attached Screenshot.




    • Jim Reynolds

      We need to send the same mailing to different audiences at different times. The audiences are quite dynamic as they come from in-person events at random dates.

      We solved it by using campaigns.

      We import the contacts and select the campaign from the data import directly.

      As soon as we import the contacts, the campaign triggered and in turn triggers the transactional mailing.