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    Srinath Srinivasan
    Checking Newly Added Queues to the Report
    Topic posted December 6, 2018 by Srinath SrinivasanGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
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    Checking Newly Added Queues to the Report

    Hi All,


    Seeking advice on the below issue,

    A normal incident report where an agent can look into the list of incident which could be filtered based on queue (filter criteria is incidents.queue_id IN LIST = ALL)


    The requirement is to remove the No Value queue from the list, upon doing so we know that the No Value queue won’t be available for selection in the filter.

    The Challenge here is that, when a new queue is added its not getting checked automatically in the (IN LIST) filter condition. So whenever a new queue is created we have to go to each and every report which uses incidents.queue_id IN LIST filter criteria and should check the newly created queue. Is there a way to overcome this issue?

    Thanks in advance,





    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      No, there is to my knowledge no way of doing this as removing the 'No value' from the list will automatically disable any newly created queue as you have no longer everything selected in the list. As a security measure any new queue will therefore not automatically be enabled in the list.

    • JustRhianna

      Alas no. I have never found a way around this.

    • Justin

      you could use a filter that says not in list instead and then select no value. Then it should filter to include everything in the list except no value.

    • Justin

      see attached