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    GeoCoding for locations attached to business units
    Topic posted July 17, 2019 by absalvi Red Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Configuration, Financials, General Ledger, Help Center, Setup / Administration 
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    GeoCoding for locations attached to business units


    This might not be the right forum but not sure where to post it.

    We have a requirement where we would want to know the latitude and longitude information of locations assigned to Business Units.

    In Fusion applications this can be done by enabling geocoding for the required countries and then running the process 'Populate location latitude and longitude information'. However, what we have noticed is, this populates the latitude and longitude data in the hz_locations table which mainly holds customer addresses. The location_id against the business_units in the hr_operating_units table are not present in the hz_locations table.

    Is there any way, we can have the locations assigned to Business Units also have the geocoding assigned?

    Reference: How To Populate Location Latitude and Longitude Information (Doc ID 2067864.1)




    • Becky Alvarez

      Have you tried to log a Service Request to ask specifically about Business Units?  I am unaware of this functionality and since you have not yet received a response, it doesn't look like many other are either.  That is my recommendation,