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    Lois Houston
    Ranks & Badges in Oracle LaunchPad
    Topic posted June 1, 2018 by Lois HoustonBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited June 1, 2018, tagged CX Cloud Training, ERP Cloud Training, HCM Cloud Training 
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    Ranks & Badges in Oracle LaunchPad
    Complete content, get points, move up!

    As you complete topics and modules within Oracle LaunchPad you have the opportunity to take quizzes to test your knowledge.  As you pass the quizzes you will earn points.  Completing all of the topics within a module will earn badges.  Points and badges continue to accumulate as you progress through your learning.

    The more points and badges you earn, the higher your rank!

    Everyone starts out as an Explorer.  After earning 400 points and 1 badge you advance to Novice.  From there you continue to advance through the seven ranks until you are a member of the Elite with 50,000 points and 100 badges.  How far will you go?