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    Manjula Evans
    Collaborative Messaging Framework
    Topic posted September 17, 2016 by Manjula EvansBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Agreements, Orders, Setup, Supplier Communication 
    Collaborative Messaging Framework
    Use the Collaborative Messaging Framework to manage inbound and outbound messages

    Collaboration Messaging Framework (CMK) is a new product in Fusion Applications available from Release 11 that facilitates straightforward B2B communication implementation. It eliminates the need to navigate to Oracle B2B and set up documents, protocols and channels for every supplier site individually. All of this is now achieved inside Fusion applications. CMK provides out of the box integration with Oracle Supplier Network and adds support for the current industry standard OAGIS message version 10.1 in addition to the existing OAGIS Version 7.2.1.

    For more details, refer to the Release Updates in Customer Connect to access all of the Release 11 collateral available for Fusion Procurement.