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    Claudia Meloni
    Topic posted May 8, 2019 by Claudia MeloniGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Cash Flow, Consolidation, Translations 
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    FCCS_FX_Total_NonCash being used in Cash change structure

    Hi all,

    Seeking some information on this member in the movement dmension, which is used in Cash Change structure.  Normally I would have expected Cash Change to be calculated using FX on Cash accounts.  Instead it is using FX on Non Cash Accounts.

    These 2 amounts are not in balance when using amount overrides, and this creates an imbalance on the Cash Flow,

    If anyone has encountered the same issue, your thoughts are welcome.

    Thank you









    • Keith Glide

      Consider what Indirect Cash Flow is reporting... the change in cash for the reporting period, categorized by the non-cash movements. So the Cash Flow report must include all movements for the current period from the entire Balance Sheet (i.e. the entire B/S but excluding Opening Balances). The upper part of the report (categorized by Operating, Financing, Investing) includes the movements on non-cash accounts (the FCCS_Mvmts_Subtotal hierarchy) but excludes the related FX movements (FX-Opening, FX-Movements) on those non-cash movements. The Cash Change section of the report starts by subtracting Opening Balance Cash from Closing Balance Cash. The result of this calculation is all movements on the cash accounts including the FX on those cash account movements. So the only movements not yet accounted for are the FX movements on non-cash accounts... these are included in the Cash Change section.

      Yes, the FX on Cash accounts might not equal the FX on non-cash accounts if overrides are applied... but any mismatch should be equal (but opposite sign) to the mismatch on the movements that the override caused in the first place. The movements mismatch would normally be in the non-cash section (unless you override translations on cash accounts which I think would be unusual) and the offsetting mismatch in FX will be in the Cash Change section... so the two sections of the report should still balance.

    • Claudia Meloni

      Hi Keith, thanks for your response.

      Indeed, my Cash Flow and Cash Change are still in balance.  However my Cash Change on the CF statement does not balance with the actual Movement on my Cash accounts on Balance Sheet.  (Pure change, excluding FX)

      So theoretically, I should probably reclassify this FX impact on the Cash Flow (Operating or other movement depending on the nature of the transaction) but I am not able to do that since we can not write to this member, and as you also mentioned, we do not typically override Cash accounts.

      Any thoughts on how to get around this?

      Thank you