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    Aditya Ranjan Dey
    Inventory Miscellaenous Cost is not generating Asset Lines
    Topic posted May 20, 2019 by Aditya Ranjan DeyRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Capital Projects 
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    Inventory Miscellaenous Cost is not generating Asset Lines
    AP Invoice, Exp Reports and Manual Misc Cost are creating Asset Lines. But Inventory Misc Cost is not generating.

    PA period open for Mar, Apr and May. FA period open for Apr

    2 expenditures are as below -

    1. AP Invoice - 31st March, 2019 - Capitalized

    2. Inventory Misc Cost - 30 Apr 2019 - Asset line not generated

    Expenditure is capitalizable, accounted, UPPD run, asset assigned at project level, marked to As Built, DPIS = 30-Apr-2019, no adjustment recorded, no line splitting. 

    All setups starting from type to template to source in place. 


    Therefore, can you guess what can be the additional checks we might be missing. Has anyone faced this before?




    • Hiten Makwana

      Hi Addy - 

      Long time ! Did you verify if the inventory misc transactions are "costed and accounted" under cost management ?


    • Aditya Ranjan Dey

      Do anyone of you have any clue why this is happening? 

      We exhausted all our options, but this is only happening for inventory cost items. 

    • Aditya Ranjan Dey

      Solved it. Accounting was generated in Final mode in Cost Management, but it was not transferred and posted to GL. Unless the accounting entries get transferred to GL, Asset Line process doesn't pick up those records. After transferring and posting, it got successfully created. 

    • Aditya Ranjan Dey

      One thing I forgot to mention over here. This was originally an EBS issue. Although I left touch with EBS for pretty long time, this was compelling another client from Go Live. But looking into it helped me to figure out another difference between Cloud and EBS. In EBS, you need to transfer the accounting to GL from source subledgers in order to generate asset lines (we did bunch of testing to confirm this). But in Cloud, only Final Accounting in the source SL allows to pick up the capital lines. 

      My idea was the functionality will not change between cloud and EBS irrespective of txn source. But, there are differences. So remember it if you face anything in the same line in future implementations.


      • Balakrishna Chaturvedula


        In cloud, you mentioned that in your earlier post, only after transferring and posting to GL you were able to capitalize Inventory cost. I am confused. Do we just need to final account in Inventory or post to GL also for capitalization to work?

        Thanks,  Bala.

        • Dustin Grabowski

          The cloud service does NOT require these transactions being posted in the GL prior to capitalization.  They must be Final Accounted prior to being eligible for import into Project Costing, and are therefore eligible for capitalization immediately.