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    Siva Kumar
    Expense report # stuck in Ready for Payment Processing...
    Topic posted July 16, 2019 by Siva KumarGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, tagged Expenses, Financials 
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    Expense report # stuck in Ready for Payment Processing Status
    Expense report # stuck in Ready for Payment Processing Status

    When we ran the  Process Expense Reimbursement and Cash Advance Requests, we found the expense report did not get selected for processing.So there was no rejection reason .

    Any idea why the report is not selected and how to resolve this ?


    Thanks in advance.

    R13 19B



    • Logan Wacker

      To confirm, you don't see the expense reports in question listed under the 'Review Rejected Expense Reports and Cash Advances' page?

    • Rohan Kamat

      Can you check the Log file for the Process Reimbursement program and upload if possible 

    • Kim Puls


      We are experiencing the same issue at UW (R13-19B)


      University of Wyoming

    • Logan Wacker

      If you look up the expense reports in question from the Audit work area, what approvals are listed?

      • Kim Puls


        When I click "Pending manager approval" a small window opens for Approver List - Error Message: No data to display.


    • Logan Wacker

      Did you happen to refresh, or upgrade this environment while you had pending approvals?

      • Kim Puls


        I'll have to go back an look to see when the EXP reports where in approvals and if we had anything happen to PROD.

        Thanks - Kim

    • Logan Wacker

      Or are you able to push the expense report back to the end user from auditing and restart workflow?

    • Siva Kumar

      Hi All,

      Orig system Reference and Party Usage Assignment Data are end dated for the particular Employee , So we need to use the below webservice to update the record

      Webservice : PartyInfoService 
      Sample WSDL : 
      Purpose : Update HZ_PARTY_USG_ASSIGNMENTS.EFFECTIVE_END_DATE to 4712-12-31 

      Webservice : OriginalSystemReferenceService 
      Sample WSDL : 
      Purpose : Update HZ_ORIG_SYS_REFERENCES.END_DATE_ACTIVE to 4712-12-31