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    Multiple File Attachments in OFSC
    Topic posted October 5, 2017 by Todd Bronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
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    Multiple File Attachments in OFSC

    We have a requirement to upload multiple attachments to an Activity.  I realize we could create multiple File type properties but was curious if anyone has done it any other way to accomplish more that 1 attachment upload.





    • Brett Wallace

      Hi Todd,

      Whilst I have not done this any other way that as you suggest (creating multiple file type properties) here are a couple of ideas to consider.

      Firstly, it sounds like the problem you seek to resolve, is one I have come across a couple of times before (but not involved files) which is there is no "record" like property type, (except inventory) that allows you to store multiple instances of the same type in what appears to be a single field. In the past I have had to store essentially "log" information, ie. date, time, description and user. These are all text fields, and hence can be stored in a single text field using the XSL Transformation feature to display them in a table.

      Anyway ideas:

      1. Zip / compress all attachments into single file then attach it. - Issue is client must be able to access files inside zip file.

      2. Store all files in a document storage / web site that is accessible from clients and store a URL to their location in a single field. This will not work when user is off line, unless they download the documents & save / print them prior to being off line.

      3. They could be stored as serialized inventory items with a file property. A bit out there, but should work.

      4. Lastly & probably most far fetched :) ) Depending upon file sizes, you could encode the files as strings and store them in a formatted string and use XSL to make them available. There are limitations here like from memory a string property is limited to 32 or 64K from memory. I think in theory this could work, but most likely too limited to be practical. :)



    • Todd

      Does anyone know if there is a limit to the number of file property types that can be created and added to the screens to upload docs?  We may need to have 10-12 because of the necessary documents, pictures etc. that would be needed for activities.