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    Charles Lickly
    Answer Feedback Business Rules
    Topic posted November 14, 2011 by Charles LicklyRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited December 6, 2011 
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    Answer Feedback Business Rules

    Good Day Everybody,

    I'm having an issue with some business rules.

    When somebody submits feedback on one of our QA's it creates an incident in the system.  You can via business rules have it assign the incident to the person responsible for the answer.   (THIS WORKS)

    BUT...  after the Assigned is set none of the other business rules that follow will work.  Such as, the Assigned on the Answer is a "dummy" account aligned to a market.  We want to route the Feedback Incident to the Markets queue but none of the rules will fire.  I specifically coded a rule to say if "Assigned = JOE" then "Queue=Joe's Market" this rule FOLLOWS the one where the Incident is Assigned to the ANswer Responsible Person.

    The Incident is created and it sets the Assigned to the "JOE" which is the Answer Responsible Person but it will not change the queue or even the assigned person via business rules, BUT the Rules Log says it is executing the rule that changes the Assigned to "MIKE" with a "THEN" so it would be working.  But the Incident is still Assigned to JOE when I open it.

    Hope this makes sense....



    • john nigro

      Hi Charles:

      What you are explaining is certainly possible and should be easy to implement with rules. 

      It sounds like an issue of the rules not being correctly configured to handle that situation.  Without seeing the rules myself, however, it is very hard to determine.  It sounds like an issue where you need to experiment some more.  To properly troubleshoot, you need to carefully look at incident fields like "Rule State" and all the potential variables that could cause your rule to misfire.