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    Anand Dhinakaran
    Schedule Item Import Job and Schedule Product Upload Job
    Topic posted April 18, 2019 by Anand DhinakaranBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Product Hub, SCM, Setup, Tip, White Paper 
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    Schedule Item Import Job and Schedule Product Upload Job

    Hi All,

    Do we have any documentation detailing the usage of Schedule Item Import Job and Schedule Product Upload Job?

    We are trying to import/update items from external sources every day. We have created certain import maps and few of them are not available for selection in "Schedule Item Import Job" parameters. Any help in this is highly appreciated.





    • Abhijit Rawool

      Hi Anand,

      Are the Import Maps set to Active? Ideally, all active Import Maps should show up in Schedule Item Import Job parameter. If they are not displaying, can you please log a SR for this?

      Schedule Product Upload job internally calls Schedule Item Import Job. To use Schedule Product Upload, you will have to create a Manifest CSV file and place it in UCM, say in /scm/item/import/ account and then pass the UCM path of the Manifest file in the Schedule Product Upload job parameter, something like this - /scm/item/import/manifest.csv

      The manifest file must contain the following columns:

      • Template: The name of the import map to be used to import the data file mentioned on the same row of the CSV.
      • File Path: The UCM path to the data file to be uploaded. Upload all data files to UCM beforehand. For example, /scm/item/import/datafile-1.csv
      • Attachments File Path (optional): The UCM path to the zip file containing the attachment files. Upload all data files to UCM beforehand. For example, /scm/item/import/
      • Anand Dhinakaran

        Hi Abhijit,

        Thanks for getting back. Yes, we will log SR for the issue where import maps are missing in the drop down. We have been using Schedule product upload job. Eventhough it updates the records, the child processes end in error with a text like "Either the data file is not provided or the column header name: "File Path" is incorrect in the manifest file". The records are updated.

        When is advisable to use Schedule Item Import Job and when is it for Schedule Product Upload Job?