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    Pavol Procka
    Short v. Long email address in Scheduled Reports
    Topic posted June 26, 2019 by Pavol ProckaSilver Crown: 22,500+ Points, last edited June 26, 2019 
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    Short v. Long email address in Scheduled Reports
    Scheduled reports not delivered to the short format email for some users


    I wonder if anyone else encountered this issue. Maybe the solution is even outside OSvC, but I am not sure where to look.

    When scheduling a report, when you enter an email address in the long format (i.e, if that email address is defined as an email address of an existing OSvC user, it automatically changes it into the short format (i.e. Procka,Pavol). Now for the vast majority of our users, this is not a problem, but I do have a few exceptions where the users do not receive the scheduled emails if their email address in the schedule is in the short format. I have not managed to find a specific setting that determines which users will get the reports and which not.

    To work around this, I need to enter the email address in the long format in the schedule, but since this is automatically changed to the short format for existing users, I actually first need to change the email address of the relevant user, then enter the email address in the long format to the schedule, save the report and then I can change the user's email address back to the correct one.

    I would prefer to find a long-term solution instead of using the above workaround, especially since I do not actually know based on what the schedules decide who to send to the short email and who not.


    Many Thanks







    • Sristy Arya

      Hi Pavol,

      Has the recipient checked the SPAM / JUNK folder as sometimes the scheduled emails land in SPAM ? Also one more point , make sure they have whitelisted the domains from where you are sending the report.




      • Pavol Procka

        Hi Sristy,

        thanks for your reply. Yes, they did check the SPAM folder. As for whitelisting, I will double check, but since the recipients who do receive the same report and the ones who do not are working in the same location and are both on the same corp. network, I do not think this will be the issue. Besides, they do receive them when I use the workaround above.

        Many Thanks


    • Justin

      so from what i can tell the when it translates it to the short format, that is because a staffed acount with that email address exists in RNT, if it stays the long format then it doesnt exist in a staffed account. I wonder if its possible that the person not recieveing the report may have a locked or perm disabled staff account with that email address and thats why its not getting sent. 

    • Justin

      the other thing i was thinking was maybe thier profile doesnt have the analytics permission to open that report or maybe the print/export/forward permission. Im interested to find out the answer because most of our reports are scheduled to non RNT users but on the rare occasion its not id want to know how to ensure it is delivered. 



      • Pavol Procka

        Looks like this might have been the case here. I am not sure now which all reports were ticked, cause I simply ticked them all before checking (the profile we are talking about is fine to have it like that). It is Friday and the user I am talking about is not working today, but I will run some tests with his short format email on Monday and update here (I don't really want to change the long format email on the schedules I have set up already).


        In the meantime, many thanks to all for your help and have a nice weekend!



    • Pavol Procka

      OK, so I ran the test and unfortunately none of the above helped. My user still is not receiving the scheduled reports to the short email address. Others, scheduled to his long format were delivered normally.

      The quest continues :)