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    Sam Crawford
    Transaction account builder: Populate Natural Account from...
    Topic posted June 24, 2019 by Sam CrawfordRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Create Requisition, How-To, Setup 
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    Transaction account builder: Populate Natural Account from project rule OR Category
    I need to populate the natural account on a requistion first from project, or if no project, then from the category

    Hello, I'm having a problem with this.  I can do one, or the other, but I can't seem to get them working correctly together.  I'm certain I'm doing something simple, but incorrect.

    The scenario is this:

    When creating a requisition, Transaction Account Builder should first look to see if there's a project, if so, it should use the natural account derived from a mapping set created in Projects.  If not, it should derive the natural account from the procurement category.

    I have done the following:

    1. Create a mapping set that maps procurement categories to the natural account segment.  This works independently.

    2. The project natural account segment rule is already created and working.  

    When I subsequently add them to the requisition charge account rule, it is not available for me to select in the segment rules on the Transacton Account Definition pages.  I'm certain I'm just making a simple mistake here on how I'm doing this, but what is it if anyone has an idea?




    • Suman Guha

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    • Avesh Ganodwala

      Hi Sam,


      Have added any condition to the account rule when associated the mapping set to the account rule.



      Avesh Ganodwala

    • Ifeanyi Katchy


      You said you have created the 2 independent rules and they work separately. I don't understand how you were able to verify these work seperately since you said you can't find the rules when you try to select a rule for segments in Transaction Account Definition.

      Try the following

      1) Create a new account rule and specify it is for segment

      2) In this new segment rule, add a source which points to a new mapping set. The condition for this should be that if a specific project attribute is available, use this mapping set. This new mapping set will be for project values to accounts.

      3) Then add a second source which points to another new mapping set. This mapping set will be for account to categories. You don't need a condition for this source since once the condition for source 1 is not met, it will fall on this

      4) Finally, add this new account rule created in bullet 1 above to the Natural Account segment in your Transaction Account Definition.

    • Sam Crawford

      Thanks Ifeanyi, I actually ended up finding the solution to this.  I was doing them independently in SLAM; however, in the end I was able to get them merged together and working properly.  As always, it was something simple ~ one of the original mapping sets had been setup with an invalid source so it wasn't able to be activated in TAB.  Once I corrected the mapping set, it lit up no problem.  

      I appreciate you taking the time to answer the question and help out.