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    Is it possible to save a Compute Classic instance for...
    Topic posted April 28, 2018 by Mthompson Red Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited December 31, 2018 by Arijit ChakrabortyBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, tagged Tip 
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    Is it possible to save a Compute Classic instance for replication?
    Is it possible to save a Compute Classic instance for replication?

    I have created and configured a Compute Classic instance on Windows 2012 Server.  Installed some software (Firefox, Chrome, SQL Developer, etc...)  The instance is set up exactly as I want it.


    I am unable to find a way to "clone" this instance, or to save it as an image so that I can launch identical copies of it.  Is that even possible?  How can I make multiple copies of this Compute Classic instance?  (I would be happy just to have someone point me to the correct place in the documentation!)



    • Eduard Vaserman

      Hi Mark,

      have you tried already the process of cloning the instance by using Instance Snapshots ? (presuming you are booting from a non-persistent/ephemeral boot volume)

    • Mthompson

      There is one word in your question that may be the relevant problem.  My Create Snapshot button is not active (shaded dim).  When I created the instance, I just completed the wizard as shown below.  How can I tell if it is non-persistent/ephemeral? 

    • Eduard Vaserman

      When choosing to create an instance you have a button "Customize" ( see below image ) in the top right corner. See the Storage step in the wizard ( going by default you probably have only a boot disk with a default size )



    • Mthompson

      I tried using that button, but because I am creating and attaching that storage volume at the time I create the instance, I cannot detach it later in favor of my snapshot. 

      As an alternative, after I figured out how to make a snapshot of the storage volume, I created an instance without a storage volume, and then attached the snapshot to it.  Everything appears to work well.  The installer even creates an IP address, but when I try to attach to that IP address with RPD, it never makes it as far as 'Configuring'.  The RPD connection just hangs on 'Initializing'.

      I just can't have all of the steps right.

    • Eduard Vaserman

      At the creation time you should be able to delete the boot volume ( click the "hamburger" button within the boot volume row for opening a sub-menu with options) and add your own volumes . Then you should be able to create a snapshot of that instance.

      (alternatively snapshot-ing the storage and attach it later on to other instance is another way to do it indeed)

      hope that helps.

      PS: for the 2nd issue you mention "RDP connection" that is not related to the title of the thread, you may need to investigate your cloud network security rules, your local network proxy connections and so on.