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    Jimmy Thai
    Error Adding a New Hire Requisition - After Patch
    Topic posted December 16, 2018 by Jimmy ThaiGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Planning, Workforce 
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    Error Adding a New Hire Requisition - After Patch

    Hi All

    Anyone else having issues adding a second hiring requisition against a job after the latest patch.

    It appears that we can successfully add 1 for each job, but adding a second one, doesn't seem to calculate the employee's compensation.

    My configuration is by Job and Employee.






    • Mark Rinaldi

      I just tested this and it is working fine for me.  What did you select for the "Salary Options" in the Add Requisition prompt?

    • Jimmy Thai

      Hi Mark

      Salary Basis and Rate for the Salary Option.

      Next screen is an rate input with the Salary Basis Annual.

      It appears to work for the first job and employee combo but not the second line.

      • Mark Rinaldi

        I just added "Sales Director" that had no TBH and it calculated fine.  I added a second one and it also calculated fine.  I also used "Salary Basis and Rate" and "Annual".

        Have you modified the Add Requisition template?

      • Mark Rinaldi

        Is this on Test, version 18.12.74, which is what I am testing against since you mentioned "after the latest patch."

    • Jimmy Thai

      Hi Mark

      Yes, it is version 18.12.74.

      Changes have been made to the Main template - OWP_Add Requisition_GT but at one stage I commented out all the changes.

      After we restore the following template - OWP_Assign Compensation_T the rule started behaving as expected.

      • Mark Rinaldi

        So after restoring the OWP_Assign Compensation_T template all is working as expected?  Do you need to modify that template again or are you all set now?

    • Jimmy Thai

      Hi Mark

      Yes, after restoring the template prior to the patch, everything appears working correctly.

      However the template OWP_Assign Compensation_T was not modified and hence I am assuming the issue will come back.