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    Ravinder Kaur
    Connect EBS DB via Fusion Cloud Sourcing standalone license
    Topic posted August 26, 2019 by Ravinder Kaur, tagged Approvals, Sourcing Programs, Web Services 
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    Connect EBS DB via Fusion Cloud Sourcing standalone license
    Connect EBS DB via fusion cloud sourcing standalone license

    Business Requirement

    Customer is using EBS for normal business and negotiation alone happens in Fusion 
    Customer will import the negotiation into Fusion with specific list of vendors (which are part of approved supplier list) and the buyer may or may not add new vendors 
    Now when negotiation goes to approver, the approver must be notiifed if there are any vendors who are in this negotation that are not part of approved supplier list in EBS 

    The list of approved suppliers are placed in IDB server and customer wants to know if there is web service to call for the data in IDB server and display in notification whether the supplier is in ASL or not Using REST API Is it Possible to create a JDBC Connection from Cloud OBIEE to Intermediate DB. ? If so please detail it. As I See From BI Administration Under Manage BI, it provides options to connect to JDBC server. 


    Ravinder Kaur