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    Davin Fifield
    How do I know when my Policy Automation site will be...
    Topic posted June 9, 2015 by Davin FifieldGold Medal: 3,500+ Points 
    How do I know when my Policy Automation site will be upgraded?

    For the past two years, new versions of Policy Automation have been included in every other Service Cloud release. New versions were released in August 2013, February 2014, August 2014 and February 2015.

    The next release is also expected to follow this pattern: in August 2015. Thereafter it is expected upgrades will be quarterly.

    All customer OPA sites are upgraded each time a new release becomes available. Each upgrade is non-disruptive to the ongoing operation of your site. Upgrades are scheduled during a regular site maintenance window. Typically this is on late Friday night / early Saturday morning in your region, in the month following the version's release. So for example, in March for the February 2015 release.

    Test sites are upgraded first, usually two weeks before the corresponding production site. If you do not have a test site, you should request one, or create one for yourself through the Oracle Cloud self-service administration portal. Your self-service admin portal has a site URL like: https://myservices.ap1.oraclecloud.com/mycloud/faces/dashboard.jspx.

    The administrative contacts for your site will receive a notification email about a week before the upgrade is scheduled to take place. This email contains links to information about new features and any other important information about the new version. The administrative contact should review this information, and forward it to any Policy Automation users that may find it useful. For example, there are Policy Modeling enhancements in every release that rule and interview authors are likely to be interested in.

    Once the test site is upgraded, it is a good idea to make sure policy models and interviews are all still working as expected. 

    See also the following answer: https://cx.rightnow.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/6244/

    So, in short, if you are wondering when your site will be upgraded, make sure you know who the administrative contact is for your OPA site, and make sure they aren't just deleting those site maintenance notifications! Keep an eye out in particular the month after the release date.