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    Custom Role to run Subledger Create Accounting as Business...
    Topic posted September 4, 2019 by BALA RAYUDU, tagged Financials, General Ledger, Payables, Security, Subledger Accounting 
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    Custom Role to run Subledger Create Accounting as Business Unit specific
    How to create a Custom Role to run BU specific Create Accounting

    Have a requirement to run BU specific Create Accounting Custom Role, when user runs Create Accounting should not pic other BUs Events in the Same Ledger. 

    Example roles Custom Accounts Payable Manager assigned one BU Data Access. 

    Any options and help would be appreciated.






    • Julien Dubouis
      Hi Bala, I don't think this is possible. Just like it is not possible to restrict the accounting /override accounting to a specific activity (like only the invoices or only the payments). Maybe Becky Alvarez could confirm ? :) Thanks
    • Ravi Kanth Vuddagiri

      Further to add what Bala and Julien mentioned, Create accounting is not specific to BU but specific to Ledger. Creating a custom role to restrict running Create Accounting for a BU is not feasible. On other hand if you copy create 'Create Accounting' ESS job and add BU as addl parameter,  Job will not consider this new parameter as there is no code to consider the same.

      Development for Fusion Subledger Accounting (SLA) have created ER#18467117. The current plan is to include this parameter in the Create Accounting Process in a future release. They have not given any dates or versions when this will be done.

      Hope this ER brings in addl parameter for BU in future releases. Till 19C I dont see BU parameter. You have to wait.

    • Gergana Radoutcheva

      You could try creating a custom copy of the Create Accounting process for BU based subledgers (like Payables). I know some customers have successfully done that.

      Check out this note on My Oracle Support: Is it Possible to Have Business Unit as a Parameter for the Create Accounting Process (Doc ID 1677330.1). There is a typo in the note though - Business Unit is the 17th parameter, not the 18th.

      Attribute Parameter
      1 Request ID
      2 Source Application
      3 Subledger Application
      4 Ledger
      5 Process Category
      6 End Date
      7 Create Accounting
      8 Accounting Mode
      9 Process Events
      10 Report Style
      11 Transfer To General Ledger
      12 Post in General Ledger
      13 Journal Batch
      14 Include Zero Amount Entries And Lines
      15 Include User Transaction Identifiers
      16 Valuation Method
      17 Security ID Integer 1
      18 Security ID Integer 2
      19 Security ID Integer 3
      20 Security ID Char 1
      21 Security ID Char 2
      22 Security ID Char 3
      23 Concurrent Request ID
      24 User ID
      25 Minimum Precision

      Note: This might not work for users with GL roles assigned (like General Accountant) since GL roles give all-BU access to ledgers.