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    s nagavarapu
    PO Communication
    Topic posted March 4, 2019 by s nagavarapuRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Orders, Supplier Communication 
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    PO Communication
    Can the Buyer be CCed when a purchase document communicated to the supplier contact

    In EBS when a PO is communicate to the supplier contact, buyer is also included in the email.  This way buyer immediately knows that the PO is communicated to the supplier.

    In Fusion Cloud, buyer is not copied on the email that is sent to the supplier.  If the buyers wants to know if it is actually communicated to the supplier, they need to query the PO and view the document history.  Users are complaining that this is a painful process.

    Is there a way in fusion cloud to include buyers in the PO communication email to supplier?

    Thanks in Advance.



    • Niamath Jeddy

      When a PO is communicated to supplier, the from email address will be that of the buyer. ( Depending on the PO_FROM_EMAIL_ADDRESS profile option).

      In case Po communication failed, then buyer will be notified.

      Please refer 'PO Communication Failure Notification When Supplier Has Wrong Email Address (Doc ID 2194579.1)'



      • s nagavarapu

        This setup is already available in our instance.  From email shows the buyer name. 

        The email goes to suppliers with from name as Buyer.  But Buyer is not copied on those emails.  The requirement is that the Buyer should immediately know when the PO was sent and to what email address the communication went to.  Currently they are logging into application, open the PO and look at the document history.