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    Praveen Woody
    Copy Customer Contact Email address
    Topic posted June 22, 2019 by Praveen WoodySilver Medal: 2,000+ Points 
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    Copy Customer Contact Email address
    How to copy the standard field Contact Email address content to another custom Contact field


       Our agents are using a custom contact Email address field. They are not using the Out of the box email address field. But when a question is asked from Customer Portal, the Contact Email address (default out of the box filed) is populated with the information provided by the customer while asking the question.


    How do I copy that email address to a custom Contact Email address (Text filed with Data usage selected as Email Address) field after the contact is created through Customer Portal?

    I tried using Business Rules or Workflows but could not find anything.


    Any help is appreciated. Console and CP are in 18D.




    • Suresh Thirukoti

      Praveen - If its via CP and if you are familiar with some dev skills on CP like hooks, connect php...etc, then I would suggest to use hooks event post_contact_create to grab the contact object and then assign the Email address to the custom field


    • Sirisha Nune

      Hi Praveen,

      In customer portal page(ask) just replace standard field with your custom field where you are storing the email address of contact,

      Replace below code

      <rn:widget path="input/FormInput" name="Contact.Emails.PRIMARY.Address" required="true" initial_focus="true" label_input="#rn:msg:EMAIL_ADDR_LBL#"/>
      <rn:widget path="input/FormInput" name="Contact.CustomFields.c.<your custom field column name>" required="true" initial_focus="true" label_input="#rn:msg:EMAIL_ADDR_LBL#"/>

      In your workspace use your custom field  where email address is stored and verify email address will be populated.